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  • Surface cleaning: Clean and sanitize countertops, kitchen islands, and any other food preparation areas.

  • Cabinet and drawer cleaning: Wipe down the exterior of cabinets and drawers, and remove any grease or grime buildup.

  • Sink and faucet cleaning: Clean and disinfect the sink, including the faucet, handles, and drain.

  • Backsplash and wall cleaning: Remove any splatters or stains from the backsplash tiles or painted walls.

  • Floor cleaning: Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove debris, and then mop it with a suitable cleaner.

  • Grout and tile cleaning: Pay attention to cleaning grout lines and tiles to restore their original luster.

  • Special attention areas: Give extra care to areas prone to grease buildup, such as the range hood and exhaust fan.

  • Final touches: Wipe down all surfaces, polish stainless steel appliances, and ensure the kitchen is left looking clean and fresh.

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